October 31st, 2006
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I promised my dear friend Nancy (over on the Reactive Attachment Disorder blog) that I’d share pictures of Super Dad in his Halloween costume…so I thought, why not share the photo with about 3,000+ of my closest friends????

Here he is, in all his Incredible glory! There are no words needed to tell how much fun we had this weekend with my dear hubby in that get-up! Our church always holds a Fall Festival the weekend before Halloween, as a safe, non-scary alternative for families. (Ok, no cracks on how scary Mr. Incredible looks!) Anyone who knows us, knows that we get into the mood of the season at our house with some rather elaborate costumes. It’s a family tradition. (By the way, he won two costume contests with this outfit…proving there are advantages to donning a speedo and tights!)


While I understand the hesitancy of celebrating All Saints Eve due to the gore, Satanic references, etc. that seem to now permeate this holiday, both hubby and I remember Halloween as one of our favorite childhood memories. Yes, I know those with dietary restrictions (like gluten and casein-free or artificial coloring/flavoring issues) find the candy thing problematic. But it’s the costuming and the camaraderie that is at the core of the holiday for me.

I come from a long line of costumers! My mom & dad would frequently don costumes along with us kids, and load us into the station wagon (we lived on a farm), and take us into town. In this small Midwestern burg, we would wander the streets going to nearly every house, while our parents sat with friends on their large front porch and observed the trick-or-treating. My grandmother made popcorn balls, and many of the other treats where homemade as well…brownies, caramel apples, taffy. This is a million miles away from today, where no one would dream of making homemade treats, let alone letting your child actually eat them (remember the razor blades in apples…)

My hubby, who grew up in St. Louis, has different memories (Halloween in the big city), but it was a fond time of bobbing for apples and donning a new identify with your costume. As harmless as the Charlie Brown Halloween special.

It’s rough to create that sense of innocent safe fun for our children these days. We do it through our festival at church. Cake walks, bake sales, jello eating contests and sack races abound. Hotdogs, popcorn and cotton candy are the staples.

And our family goes all out. Here’s a picture of our family’s costumes from a couple years back. Yes, we were a huge hit!

This year’s costume planning has been overshadowed by our own horror story – the due process hearing. Actually the entire first nine months of our 2006 have been lost to that stressful event. So, planning the costumes has been merely an after-thought. KayKay bought a bumblebee costume at Party City (gasp! A store-bought costume! Oh the shame!) But it was cute enough to be an award-winner as well. LuLu donned her fawn costume from the Narnia parade. And I found a cool sash declaring I was the Drama Queen (and together with a formal dress, pearls and crown, it worked well). Yet, as of Friday, Super Dad had nothing to wear (and the event was Saturday afternoon). So, as he lamented and rummaged through our closet, an idea was born. I had actually pulled that costume together for KayKay for a dress-up day during Homecoming week at her school earlier in the month. But I never dreamed Super Dad would really wear it…or find his high school swimming team speedos to add to the effect!

Once the kids and I were able to stop rolling on the floor laughing at the sight of dear ol’dad…we were all in agreement. He really is Mr. Incredible – regardless of what he’s wearing!

8 Responses to “Halloween’s Incredible – and So is Super Dad!”

  1. Coley S. says:

    Oh, Super Dad looks great! I would NEVER be able to get my hubby in a costume like that!

  2. That is hilarious. I will have to try and find the picture of my introvert husband dressed like a woman, which was his costume last year. We found a 42DD bra at the thrift shop and filled it with balloons.

  3. I think I’ve just fallen in love with your husband, Julie!

    What a doll!

  4. My Hubby would never go for it either. Love the photo! Truly Super Hubby!

  5. Beth wore a store-bought costume this year too… a FIRST for me to ever put one of my kids in a store-bought costume. But you gotta do what you’ve gotta do. She loved it, looks great, and I couldn’t have made it for twenty bucks either.

    Your hubby is truly one of a kind… like you and your daughter(s)!

  6. Julie says:

    He is pretty Incredible isn’t he!!!! And at times I feel much like Elasti-girl for sure! Stretched about as far as I can be!

  7. klkillian says:

    Give Super Dad a big hug from me. I am laughing hysterically, but he is such a good sport.

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